Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Choice is Yours

I was picking out old books to read from my shelves, and I picked out John Mason's book. I randomly open a page. The chapter seems to serve as a good reminder to me, and since I was fooling around with Soundcloud app, resulting in the recording below.
 : )

Sometimes in life we make choices that leads us to mistakes, and while trying make it right we make more mistakes but does it mean we stop trying? We stop learning?

No, we shouldn't. Although to an extent,  while time waits for no man,  procrastination in making decisions could make it worse. So the faster you weigh your pros and cons, the quicker you know what's right for you and you get on the wagon, the better the outcome. On the hand, hasty decisions without proper thoughts in to it can bring more harm than good.

Life is complicated, lets try making it simpler! J

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