Friday, April 1, 2016

Samsung S7 edge or Iphone 6s

It is inevitable when a new competitive product comes about, you have to do more homework as in which is better suited for you. In this case, smartphone battle!
I have been wanting to change my current cellphone for quite a while now and since I have never used an iphone besides an ipad, initially I thought Iphone 6s will be the one to go for.
Then, most recently Samsung came up with a new S7 edge , one that has a massive storage space to expand to, one that Apple has not ventured into. I wonder why. Therefore, it just made my shopping a bit harder.
I have found one comprehensive video comparing the two rivals and I believe I have made my choice. You will see it later when the actual transaction is sealed and done. *wink*
For those of you who has similar worriment as me, hope this video below helps.

Click below to open YouTube video


seahorse27 said...

Wait for Note6 then...

Grace Ann said...

It's never ending. Hope my next one will last longer than usual.

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