Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A More Beautiful You

Learn to love yourself,
You are valuable,
You are unique,
No matter who you are,
You are lovely,
You don't have to prove to anyone,
Appreciate your unique qualities,
Is a start to loving yourself;

Some of you teenagers have a hard time from your peers (hope not your parents) but have confidence in yourself and if you have a hard time finding it, be around people who loves you and will bring the best out of you. Trust me. Hope you like this song about A More Beautiful You.


ef.ae said...

yes everyone is unique... and some one who loves your uniqueness will just come your way ;D so don't have to be jealous of other people's uniqueness..

Sue said...

Ya so true,we are unique!
Thanks for visiting,Ef.ae!

Sue said...

Ya so true,we are unique! Thanks for visiting,Ef.ae!

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