Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is Infoaxe?

I have been getting invites from friends to join Infoaxe and I was thinking "Oh no!Another 'facebook' thingy?" I took mighty many months to look up what it is, so for those of you who are wondering as well, before you click on the YES button click on Infoaxe Blog to find out more.

This is an extract of what I have taken from the blog
"Infoaxe, is a Personal Browsing History Search Engine. With Infoaxe every page that you visit on the Internet gets added to a collection called your Personal Web Memory and infoaxe makes this collection, searchable across all the computers you use. Thanks to Infoaxe, there is no need to ever bookmark a page again. It makes getting back to web pages seen in the past (like videos, news articles etc) extremely fast and easy. Infoaxe also lets you ‘pivot’ around web pages seen in the past to see other pages that you visited at the same time. Tagging and sharing pages from your web memory with your friends is also very convenient with Infoaxe."

So I hope this helps.


Rishi said...

is this really true i think i can trust u

Sue said...

Yes I have tried it. It does exactly what it says. Clicking on the link will give you more information.
Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Jonathan Siddharth said...

Hi Sue,
This is Jonathan, co-founder of Infoaxe. Thanks for the explanatory post. Here is more info about our service,

Demo video:


Sue said...

You're welcome Jonathan. Keep up the good work with Infoaxe, it will help alot of people to find what they want in the web.

phu said...

Keep in mind that if you decide to use this, you are giving someone else access to your web browsing... this IS something to consider carefully from a privacy standpoint.

Sue said...

Hi Phu, thanks for your opinion. That is very true. So i hope users will use it on their own discretion.

katus said...

Infoaxe use spamming to spread a word about themselves. They send emails to everyone in your contacts list. That's how viruses distribute themselves. Even if their product is not harmful you should AVOID COMPANIES THAT USE DISHONEST PRACTICES. Would you trust a company like that with all your browsing history?

: ) said...

Hi Katus, Thanks for your info, i have not used infoaxe for a long time. Maybe Mr. Jonathan can answer about the spamming issue.

Enric said...

Boy do they pour on the pressure and guilt. Here's the email they send (name snipped out):

"[snip] has added you as a friend Is [snip] your friend?
[Yes] [No] Click Yes if [snip] is your friend, otherwise click No. But you have to click!
Please respond or [snip] may think you said no :("

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Enric! When you don't do things in a transparent and non-invasive way, you gotta be taken as deceitful. I hate infoaxe!

Humble Voice said...

Yes. Infoaxe is both invasive and deceitful.

Anonymous said...

Just got spammed for the first time by infoaxe from "" via another net based email system provider.

Today is Oct 7th, 2013 and I live in Africa.

Sue, I have a very low opinion of a company that will spam people all over the world.

Anyway you should not give any company or organization the right to know your browsing history - leave that up to the world's national intelligence organizations because at least they do it (clandestinely) for the purposes of protecting minors against paedophiles and populations against organized crime such as drug and human trafficking, and terrorism.

Other than that you should remain as private about your internet browsing as you would about your and your family's personal business.

Who says infoaxe can't (or won't) record where you bank and where you have accounts, which they will know about through you visiting those companies' pages etc? I.D theft is just one of the risks of giving this sort of info to someone you don't even know.

The founders of this company should be ashamed of themselves, having no respect for the privacy of others and deceitful enough to spam people.

Best thing to do is to always use an VPN such as Private Tunnel (which is OPen VPN and very well priced), because that way they have no idea of what your I.P address is, who you are or where in the world you are, and everything you do - all your upload and download data, internet searches, visited pages etc, is encrypted.

That way criminals can't steal your identity.

Not everything that's "handy" is also "good".

Concerned citizen from Africa.

Vlammetje said...

I agree with the previous poster. There is absolutely no gain in letting a commwercial company know exactly what you're browsing. By letting the world see your browsing, you're putting yourself at risk.
Strange enough, I got my first infoaxe spam today as well. And I do not know the name of the person that seemingly invited my. To me, that seems fishy. I wouldn't go ahead and subscribe in a hurry. I'd advise everybody else to be very cautious too. Getting in seems easy, getting out may not be so.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you can find removal instructions here
Alternatively , email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

Mischa Rinder said...

Sue, why on earth would you even think to rely upon the self-promoting spin & disinformation contained in the actual blog of the potentially cyber-criminal organization you're trying to investigate, and assure all your friends of its safety on that basis???!!!

If you just google infoaxe, & & check out the webutation of the latter, you will see there are many legitimate complaints & headaches: SPAM, unauthorized changes to your computer, spyware, identity theft, and more. It's called, colloquially, the Infoaxe Virus. And of course even if you believe what they say on its face, they withhold the fact that it's also a serious invasion of your privacy. Why do you think they offer to provide this free service, creating a permanent database of all your web site visits? Because they're so noble & altruistic? No, because they want to aggressively data mine your personal life details & monitize it by selling it to any and all buyers!

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