Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fringe - Cool Series!

This series reminds me of X-Files which I used to follow, only Fringe is wittier, funnier and really make your brain waves goes zig zagging fast on all the weird happenings. Each character plays a unique role especially Walter the ingeniously clever scientist who has been in the mental institution for last decade of his life. His past findings and invented technologies that goes beyond human comprehension will amaze you through each episode. It makes me wonder if all the scientific ramblings in the show are factual. But I like it anyway. Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv are the main stars of this intriguing series. You probably have seen Joshua Jackson actings in his boyish days but Anna Torv is a fresh face, an emerging star that hails from Down Under rising to fame.She reminds me a little of Cate Blanchett, don't you think? Get to know Anna Torv in this clip on David Letterman.

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