Friday, April 1, 2016

Samsung S7 edge or Iphone 6s

It is inevitable when a new competitive product comes about, you have to do more homework as in which is better suited for you. In this case, smartphone battle!
I have been wanting to change my current cellphone for quite a while now and since I have never used an iphone besides an ipad, initially I thought Iphone 6s will be the one to go for.
Then, most recently Samsung came up with a new S7 edge , one that has a massive storage space to expand to, one that Apple has not ventured into. I wonder why. Therefore, it just made my shopping a bit harder.
I have found one comprehensive video comparing the two rivals and I believe I have made my choice. You will see it later when the actual transaction is sealed and done. *wink*
For those of you who has similar worriment as me, hope this video below helps.

Click below to open YouTube video

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Apple IPhone 6S Keynote

The newest  Iphone 6 and 6s has finally made its presence in the tech world and I believe all the Apple lovers can't wait to get their hands on it. The Ipad has grown bigger in inches and now coupled with the long awaited accessory, the Pencil.

A video demonstration would tell a million words definitely and this was the most comprehensive presentation so far. I'm also waiting for Anandtech on their full product review which they never fail to do.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog Interview With Daniel C

Daniel C is a Penang singer/songwriter who recently produced his first self written album 'If I Could'. He is a self taught guitarist, electone trained from a young age. As for his journey as a performer, Daniel has performed with local celebrities like Dasha Logan and Kelvyn Yeang. Daniel C is also known for his solo acts where he has recently appeared in an interview with 8tv Quickie, which showcased his original compositions back in 2013. 
Not only does he sing, he also has the heart to inspire. Daniel C was also a speaker and performer in the recent TedX Weldquay in 2014. His recent involvement in the IndiePG stage has earned him a place in the hearts of the local scene.

His song, If I Could has also recently made it into the Malaysian English Top 10 charts in August 2015 which he made number 1 two weeks into the chart. His music genre has an influence of country/folk style and inspired by international artist such as Keith Urban, Jars of Clays and Goo Goo Dolls. My personal favourites from the album is Time of Need, If I could and The Remnants. 
Check out the dates for the official launch of the album in Penang and Kuala Lumpur at the end of the page.

He is the kind of guy who can play anywhere, anytime. Just hand him a guitar and there you have yourself a serenade. I recently met up with him and he made my faithful old guitar sounds so good . Now for the up close and personal, lets get to know Mr. Daniel C a little deeper.

*My first curiosity question, why Daniel C and not Daniel Chan?

The name Daniel is so common these days. Therefore to try and maintain my identity and making it easy to remember, I opted for the name Daniel C.

* Who or what is your greatest influence in your life generally? That it would directly or indirectly influence your music.
To single out something or someone as my greatest influence would be unjust to the rest. All my friends, family, mentors and past experiences have equally shaped the person and songwriter I am today. Every experience and every memory paints a small stroke on a canvas which ultimately paints the whole picture.

* Tell us the story behind your single that had topped the charts in Malaysia English
Top 10 - ‘If I Could’.

This song has an interesting tale stringed to it. I was chatting with a friend of mine one day and our conversation was a peculiar one. After ending the conversation, I sat there daydreaming, eyes fixed on my wall. And all of a sudden, as if a fairygodmother waved her magic wand, a melody and lyrics woven together with it started playing in my head. My usual songwriting technique would be to write either the melody first or the lyrics first. But this tune had both in it, so therefore this song has always been special to me.

* You have performed in quite a number of stages, where would be your dream stage?

I would definitely love to perform at Madison Square Garden one day.

* How was the process in the production of your first album?

The process took longer than I anticipated. I wanted to attempt doing my first album entirely on my own but of course, I had some help from Colin (my sound engineer) co-producing the album with me. I was the only one who recorded most of the instruments you hear on my album, therefore, I had to come in very often to the recording studio and try out effects. Sometimes just recording one part can take up an entire day.

* For your fans to get to know you more, what other passions do you have besides

I don’t think anybody knows this but I dream of being a spacefarer one day, If that’s ever possible. I’ve always wanted to work in NASA or, ultimately, become an astronaut. I always had this connection to spacey sci-fi stuff but I guess that is
because this interest has been instilled in me ever since my adolescent years. Star-Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, you name it I know it.

* What song in the album impacted you the most and why?

I believe the song The Remnants has done so. This song speaks about myexperience in the work field and in life. When everyone leaves you to do all the work that is left, but you soldier on because you believe in what you’re doing. And that said so, being the remnant in the field. But at the end of the song, I speak on to assure those who feel like they are alone in their personal battles, to know that we have a Cornerstone, a sure foundation that will help us to rise again if we fail or fall.

*  What did you want your career to be when you were in school? And how do you feel about your current position now?

I wanted to be many things. I actually thought about being a rockstar or a popstar. Still working towards that now actually!

* Any sneak peek into any new project? What can we expect to see from you next year or in the near future?

I so happen to have a new song written for my next album but it is bare at the moment. You can find it here:- The Daniel C - All Those Nights
You can also visit and like my facebook page and be updated at The Daniel CMC Facebook Page
* What would your message be to motivate the new aspiring songwriters?

To just keep writing and writing. Even though you’re a full time engineer or a doctor, you can still write, so keep writing and the world will one day hear you!

Thanks Daniel for doing this blog interview with me and we wish you the best God can give to you and your future endeavors.


 20th September, 8.00 pm at China House, Penang

Merdekarya and at Live Fact on the 12 - 14th November

Do come and support our local artist. Our homegrown talent will one day travel the globe with songs to inspire. I'm honored to have Daniel C singing at my home studio with one of his song from his album - Time of Need.

It is always a privilege to experience talents, always an inspiration to be apart of a success story waiting to happen. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Dance Again

What if I dance again?
To what beat would it be?
To what purpose one might asked
The memories I subdued.
What's your passion?
What makes you come alive?
A friend once wrote "Do things to make me
proud to be your friend"
The definition is yours.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stalker - CBS new series

 I thought I would have enough of Criminal Minds but when I heard about Stalker, here we go again.

Stalker is a psychological thriller about this unit in the LAPD that investigates stalking cases. And that includes voyeurism, internet stalking/cyber harassment or romance fixation. Two famous actors Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott is starring in this new series as lead detectives, Maggie Q as the boss Lt. Beth Davis and Dylan McDermott as the newly transfer, Detective Jack Larsen.

Check out trailers, clips and about the stars at CBS-Stalker

I gotta admit what drawn me to the series was first Maggie Q then the storyline. Ever since I did a write up on Nikita, I got to know who she is, as she is expressive and pretty detailed for the things she stands for and etc. Besides the fact that she can really kick butt, she is strong as a woman in the values she believes in. I admire the strenght of women being displayed on tele as well as talks.

Imagine stalking over Facebook,  the drop of hints when someone is looking out at your every post can feel a little weird, and then the admiration begins, they start to do more, invading schedules and the list goes on. It's bad when jealousy is apparent in stalking cases, it could lead to murder depending on the mental state of the person.

This show covers all types of stalking cases, from everyday people to celebrities,  politicians, kids and so on. What's interesting as well are the lives of the detectives.  Lt. Beth has a tragic history of stalker turned murderer in her life and Detective Jack stalks his son who was prevented by the mom from seeing him, the biological father.

Throwing caution to the wind, watching shows like these can sort of educate our mind to be aware of our surrounding and to be vigilant.  Hope to see season 2 of Stalker soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015

The first time in the island of Penang , Hot air balloon fiesta was held in a wide area field at Padang Polo. Throngs of people were there as early as 4.00am to queue up for the tickets. 

Flashes and clicks was at work in that early dusky morning. Thanks to a friend who was able buy tickets for us, we were in the first batch.  If not, I doubt we would be able to sit in it till evening.  Partly because there was numerous complaints about one person is entitled to purchase 4 tickets,  the rule was changed to one person per ticket later on.

Just a few pictures in my phone to share. 

Our early bird ticket
My view from the top

Just as he was firing us up

Lining up,  our turn next

Our hot air balloon

The itinerary

Although it was just a short while,  I'm glad to capture one good overall picture from the top. Especially the monster face.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Proud of Progress

Fairytales tells you only one thing; Happily Ever After. Truth be known, reality can’t always be. Truth aside, I still love fairytales. It’s hope like the famous saying “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars”

I’m not going to be lengthy on how life should be dealt with or motivate you with the best positive lines I can churn up. I’m trying to be positive everyday. I'm a Christian so I know my life is guided by God, the creator of heaven and earth no matter how hard I fall, I know there’s always a way out for the better.

Some of you might find peace and solace in the god you believe and some of you might find yourself or people around you to be the pillar(s) in your life.

We just have to sit down in quiet solitude to think about life, review them, if you are getting the best there is to this one life we have been bestowed. I’m not saying we should be greedy and ditch all self worth to get what you want. In fact, when reached the stage of success in whichever area it might be, one must be able to look back and be proud of the progress.

I’ve always prayed,”God, if I ever forget my values and my self-worth in doing anything, cause me not to be comfortable till I change”. And that was an extremely uncomfortable prayer however I felt that that is who I should be. I’m just glad that there is Someone watching over me.

Into The Woods - No one is Alone. 
Parent's brought us into this world, they can only protect us to a certain time, we need to be the best of us.

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