Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stalker - CBS new series

 I thought I would have enough of Criminal Minds but when I heard about Stalker, here we go again.

Stalker is a psychological thriller about this unit in the LAPD that investigates stalking cases. And that includes voyeurism, internet stalking/cyber harassment or romance fixation. Two famous actors Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott is starring in this new series as lead detectives, Maggie Q as the boss Lt. Beth Davis and Dylan McDermott as the newly transfer, Detective Jack Larsen.

Check out trailers, clips and about the stars at CBS-Stalker

I gotta admit what drawn me to the series was first Maggie Q then the storyline. Ever since I did a write up on Nikita, I got to know who she is, as she is expressive and pretty detailed for the things she stands for and etc. Besides the fact that she can really kick butt, she is strong as a woman in the values she believes in. I admire the strenght of women being displayed on tele as well as talks.

Imagine stalking over Facebook,  the drop of hints when someone is looking out at your every post can feel a little weird, and then the admiration begins, they start to do more, invading schedules and the list goes on. It's bad when jealousy is apparent in stalking cases, it could lead to murder depending on the mental state of the person.

This show covers all types of stalking cases, from everyday people to celebrities,  politicians, kids and so on. What's interesting as well are the lives of the detectives.  Lt. Beth has a tragic history of stalker turned murderer in her life and Detective Jack stalks his son who was prevented by the mom from seeing him, the biological father.

Throwing caution to the wind, watching shows like these can sort of educate our mind to be aware of our surrounding and to be vigilant.  Hope to see season 2 of Stalker soon.

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