Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nikita (Looks Do Kill)

        Nikita is a remake of the classic Le Femme Nikita and the modern day Nikita is starred none other than Maggie Q. She's well known internationally in Hong Kong and in Hollywood starring in movies The Priest, Mission Impossible 3, Die Hard and now is the television series Nikita.

       It's a show filled with twists and turns along with cool action moves from Nikita. She was recruited by an underground secret service from the government called Division. Nikita turn rogue against them and had plotted to bring down them down before with the intention that they don't hurt anymore young and innocent lives by turning them into assassins.

     There is also a love chemistry between Nikita and Michael who trained her, played by Shane West. In Season 1, you can also see how Nikita and her recruit, Alex played by Lyndsy Fonseca works together as she works from the inside while Nikita accomplishes her missions from the outside.  And I have just finished watching Season 2, well as you know waiting for the upcoming series in Malaysia will take awhile.  I like the suspense and the thrill of figuring out how they mastermind their missions. Not to mention the show displays the strength of a woman like Nikita. It is inspiring to see a woman fight for what she believes and being very decisive of things she knows right. And in spite of the past that she went through all her life, she still has a soft heart that puts others before herself. So with the drama filled with emotions in the midst of action is unique for each episode is like a 1 hour movie in itself.

 This is a little snippet of Nikita and the interview with Maggie Q on the Season 2. Maggie Q plays the part so well, kudos to her.

 I really hope there is a Season 3 and so forth. Of course more so a happy ending at the Season Finale when there is.

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