Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Humans naturally can't be satisfied, rarely anyway. There is always something better and what is so good about S3 that we so need? I'm satisfied with my S2 for now till something else impresses me.

The talk of the town is Samsung S3 and while others are waiting patiently for Iphone 5, S3 is making a name of its own. I reviewed the features and etc and I didn't feel a need or desire to change my S2. Well, let's get to know S3 for some of you that might want to upgrade.

I have to say the advertisement sure is alluring like bees to honeys and that's why advertising is so essential in selling a product. Have a look at this advertisement, then think about what senses of yours does it ignite. Does it make you want to literally have a hold on it? Does it make your eyes lust to see more? I'm just rambling..........

Samsung S3 and its features


Nath said...

most likely getting Samsung Note 2 :p

Sue said...

Hi Nath, ya thats a good one. Big screen & with a stylus.

Good choice!:)

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