Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buttock Cleavage

When you look at buttocks cleavage of people sitting with their low tight jeans in public, do you feel embarassed for them or do you feel like you would love to compliment the beauty of their semi-revealed butt crack?
Butt crack is another slang for gluteal cleft or natal cleft which some people might accidentally or purposely expose and generally caused by low strung pants/trousers. This exposure is called the buttock cleavage.
Fashionable or just an ugly sight? It's a good fashion and grooming lesson for us to check out our backs when we are bending down or sitting depending on what type of pants we wear. Men are not excluded from this lesson. DO look out for one another when that happens to your friend or family. Few months ago I wrote on camel toe which you can view HERE as that is another fashion disaster.


Jane Jane said...

I would say it's an ugly sight.

Sue said...

Hi Jane, I agree with you 100%.
You have a very informative blog. Thanks for dropping by.

Jys said...

it's ugly.. especially guys!! :p

Sue said...

Hi Jys, guys gals its sure a distraction for a laugh. Kids finds it funny too. Thanks for dropping by.

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