Sunday, May 25, 2014

XMEN:Days of Future Past 2014

X-Men, my favourite non human powered people for comics. I was always intrigued by their individual powers as compared to other superheroes.

It's abit darker, mysterious,  and the uncanny way of Charles Xavier grouping the mutants together in a university is an added bonus.  Probably thats how Monster Inc got the idea? 

It's also interesting to see the young Xavier communicating with his future self Xavier. It will be so cool to have my future self tell me what I could do to make my future a more smooth sailing one.
Having said that, a little about 'Day of the Future Past'

It begins with war between the mutants and the droids that were created by a famous midget (Peter Dinklage, one of the star of Games of Thrones) to destroy their species. Coming to an end of their kind, the only option was to change the past to correct the future. He is such a talented actor with an articulate tongue, I must say.

Very well planned storyline I might say, and Wolverine was the only one for the job because of his quick self healing properties. Practically immortal. 

You will get to see the original cast of xmen and some of the new ones as well. Including the younger self of Xavier, Magneto and Beast.

The cast without their costume

I love the ending because I bet the upcoming X Men, we will get to see some more of the original cast. Nevertheless,  the new ones are complementing as well.

If you have never seen any Xmen movies, please watch it all. Helps you to connect some dots and understand their relationships better. Happy watching!


LordSomber said...

Good review. I like the style of your writing, even if it English is not your 1st language.

Grace Ann said...

Thanks Lord Somber, am trying to do my best to write.
Well, it seems like I didn't do a good check on my post. Just realised some mistakes

Thanks anyhow for visiting

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