Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reality Bites vs Bring it On

'Reality Bites'. This phrase has gotten into my system since the day I watched Reality Bites. It's a 1994 movie starred by Wynona Ryder, Ben Stiller and Ethan Hawke in their early days of stardom.

I have no recollection of what it was about but of course by googling it I will probably remember. The point is, I carried that phrase with me since then till 2014. I believe avid readers, literature lovers, word enthusiasts has an inkling to store words, phrases in their brain of dictionary while the other majority couldn't care less what was spoken or read as long as they understood.

When we are at the crossroads of life, and some of us might not be contented with the position, job, relationship, that's when we sit back and sigh 'Reality bites'. It will speak of moments of wallowing in regrets and what ifs, jealousy and insecurity. It's also as if we have accepted defeat, whatever that might be.

The phrase 'Bring it On' exudes a more positive atmosphere which I'm trying to adopt rather than Reality Bites. Bring It On is also a movie in 2000 starring Kirsten Dunst and it's about winning a cheerleading competition.
So, that being said, I tell life to bring it on when I'm not contented with situations just to psych myself to face the situation and make better of it. Although, the outcome might not have been fast or satisfactory, it helps me to look out for the good in life, to appreciate what I have and never to give up.

I realised when I profess 'Reality Bites' , the tendency to procrastinate is so likely to happen that I wasted days in combating negative thoughts. Reality may bite our beautiful behind however we ought to fight the discontentedness and bring on on the light. The grass may seem greener on the other side but who is to say that this side of our grass is less greener. It's a matter of perspective.

Happiness is a choice of making it happen. The wise Solomon once said 'There is a time for everything' so don't let the bad days drown you but let the good days stay perpetual even if its layered below the bad because soon it will surface.

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