Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moses Chuah and Sons Band

Every state in every country has their local bands playing live music in hotels, bars, restaurants and so on. It's for the locals who enjoy listening to good music.  However it's not often you get a family band and so it is my pleasure to introduce you to Penang local family band, Moses Chuah and Sons.

The main man is none other than Moses Chuah the lead singer and keyboardist. Trail blazing a similar path for his children,  they are his two sons Melvin playing bass and violin, and Dexter playing drums. The wife, Ivy is also a musician but focuses on teaching mainly. Kudos to her for mentoring and preparing the sons to not only hone their talents from young but also embracing it as their present passion. Like I said it is a family affair.

They are indeed a talented bunch and they can entertain you with their jazz songs, evergreen music and many more. They also play for events like weddings and birthdays. You can find out more at their page

I support local talents and Penang has many of them, some known, some unknown. Nevertheless it's always an honor to recognise them and highlight their God given gifts in my blog whenever I have the opportunity. 

Recently they were performing at Talk Talk Winebar and Lounge, Sungai Dua.

Here are some of the photos of the night.
Moses Chuah
Melvin Chuah
Dexter Chuah
Melvin Chuah
Talk Talk Winebar and Lounge


Moses said...

Dear Grace, it was great seeing you at the Talk Talk Wine Bar. Thanks so much,for your very encouraging comments. Cheer! From Moses Chuah and Sons.

Grace Ann said...

Hi Moses,

Great listening to you guys perform.
More to come , all the best to you and sons in your music career.


Moses said...

Oops! I meant cheers, and thanks again. Music is something we do for enjoyment and also to foster a great father and sons relationship . :)

Grace Ann said...

Fantastic! : )

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