Friday, September 18, 2009

Solo Adventure of The Night

On the way back from Bayan Lepas in Penang last night (18Sept), there were flash floods at certain areas in Penang due to the non-stop heavy rain. I was nearly stuck in one when a van that was two cars infront of me was immobilised by the flood. Poor thing! I thought to myself that I am not going to be in that same position but the water seems to be rising, slowly but rising. My adrenaline starts pumping, stucked my head out of the window, looked around and the longer I remained there thinking, the water level looks scarier. So I mustered my courage and got out from that predicament. Drove through the higher water level part of the road, ramming on my accelerator until i reached to drier grounds. Phew! And the rest of story is jam, bottleneck, obstructions, let me not bore you further. I drove into Shell petrol station to have a fill-up seeing that my oil indicator was sure to appear soon. I avoided another flood area, got abit lost but no worries. With all the roads traffic lights down and everyone wants to get home, the night became longer. Thank God after my final bottleneck at a traffic intersection that was filled with angry eyes and hands, I managed to have a smoother ride home. Hooray, hurrah my heart rate was back to normal.

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