Monday, May 18, 2009

Latest Mp3 player from Sony

Recently i crawled through the web on the latest Mp3 player and this design i personally find it stylish. I may be raving on this product but i actually do not own a Mp3 player yet but if i do get it, this is one i will consider. With the 8GB inbuilt storage, i can have alot of songs in my car and imaging the number of albums i can store. Pertaining to the recent news on the police catching people with pirated CDs or burned CDs, I think would be wise to use an MP3 player for our car usage. There are alot of free mp3 downloads you can get on the internet.Not only that, it can support a number of formats like AAC, MP3, WMA, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus.It does not have a function to display pictures like Ipod but this is full fledged, sophisticated MP3 player.I'm not sure how much it is selling in Malaysia but you can view the full specification at Cnet and the price is in USD. CNET on Sony NW-A1200

There are some who doesnt know what MP3 player is, please read on.....

First and foremost, an Mp3 player is basically an MP3 player, it plays songs in MP3 format and it comes in all different shapes,sizes and capacities. What i am focusing on are portable mp3 players. With the rise in popularity of MP3s as a format for storing music, non-portable MP3 players sometimes referred to as "digital hubs" or "media centers", these devices are a cross between a stereo component and a computer.
Mobility is the number one feature of MP3 players as you can buy the small ones for easy carry.

Let me tell you if you are a person who need a MP3 player.

You need it if
1. You can't live with silence then you should have one in your bag / pocket to bring it with you everywhere you go incase of emergency of silence.
2. You are a singer/musician/song writer and constantly need to listen to music for work purposes or just to learn up some new songs.
3. You often listen to recorded lectures / motivational talks in MP3 format during your leisure.
4. You can afford it and make use of it.
5. If not, its a great gift for family and friends.


kasandria said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Clicked some ads for you.

Sue said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the help. I'm still pretty new in blogging. How did you stumble upon my blog? Don't mind me asking.
Visiting your blog....

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