Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8

Are you shocked that Kris Allen won, should it be Adam Lambert that deserves the title? Who knows? One thing that is interesting about American Idol, it stretches the contestants like crazy. All the different genres they have to attempt, I'm just impressed to the extent of what they have to go through and all in all, i know for those up to top 13, they have learned bountiful from this experience.

Kris Allen the Season 8 winner reminds me a little of Jason Mraz but at the same time, he is soulful having the ability to sing R&B, the only genre he is not able to pull off is the Rock genre. Adam Lambert is very theatrical but he has a fantastic range and that scream sure is unique. But if i were to listen to the radio, i would enjoy Kris Allen's renditions of songs better. I have a more easy listening ear, i'm not a rock, heavy metal fan.

The judges helps the people to look for an artist and not just someone that sounds good. It has to come in a whole package. Though they are many moments of those unnecessary but entertaining(to some people) on their drama talk and so-called feuds but nevertheless some of the constructive comments points out elements that we layman don't see in a artist.
Congratulation Kris Allen! Hopefully his christian values will not waver as he grows deeper into this music industry. Keep it real with God.

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