Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celcom OFFER Hp mini netbook with broadband

I'm wondering if CELCOM broadband promotion is a good deal.The Netbook (HP mini 1000TU) on offer is equipped with the latest Intel Atom Processor N270 1.6GHz + 60GB of storage.

Anyone knows if DELL Mini 9 is a good netbook compared to HP mini.

Having net on the go is a fun thing on a lightweight portable computer. Nothing more that i can say on the beauty of netbooks.

Find Out More At Celcom Page


linto said...

Yeah.. It's a very interesting package. I called the celcom infoline yesterday. The guy said - the hp mini comes with the modem + 384kbps broadband + contract for 24 months. It's for CIMB / Maybank Credit card users. The only thing that hold me back from rushing straight to the celcom branch is the Celcom 384kbps BB. Do you think the speed is OK ka? I don't really expect it will be like a bullet-train. If it is slow... I will stuck with it for 24 months!!

Sue said...

I do not think it's that fast, but should be bearable unless downloading alot and those graphical webpage wil probably be slow to open. Maybe they'll let us try the speed before buyin that package.

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