Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are we talking the same lingo?

Vexation creeps in when we are not able to understand what the other person says especially if its on an important matter. How mishaps and misunderstanding can occur just on a simple miscommunication. Then we start pulling our hair, gritting our teeth, clenching our fist.

Body language and intonation is all part of communication but first things first.
Contents of our message has to be correct when conveyed to another person. If that is settled, then comes the intonation and the body language. However, messages through email or telephone will involve only usage of words and intonation. Watch the video that explains what happen before the tragic of Titanic.

All these things may appear rather tedious and mundane to evaluate but it is crucial. It can be life and death or lightly put, it can destroy someone. Bridling our tongue is of no easy task, i can vouch that statement.

So, we are not perfect men and women of this earth, let's improve ourselves to talk, speak our mind, convey message, instruct, chat, etcetra. It is never a loss but gain when we can understand others and be understood.

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