Monday, April 6, 2009



It's always a goose-bump experience when we watch, listen to great musicians at their work. Some people have this thought that only the young ones are able to pick-up music and not the older ones. The truth is, when you have a desire to learn an instrument and you are not totally tone deaf, there is always hope for you.

I started learning keyboard by ear when i was in college then proceed to classical training. It was a struggle but nevertheless rewarding. With time constraints and other commitments, i may not join the orchestra or become music professor but there are other avenues for me.

Well, i stumbled upon this website selling software on how to read music using FUN computer software. I saw the features and its screenshots, i must say its attractive.
So you have children who is playing piano or adults who are starting on it, this is a good investment. Though it may seem so 'kiddish' like but the contents are good. And it has a 30 day money back guarantee. It cost US29.95. You make your own conversion wherever you are.

Click here to find out more

This cat looks like she is enjoying herself!!

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