Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coffee Lovers

"I need my coffee, i need my coffee!" says the addicted Farrah as she opens her desk drawer and to her astonishment there was no more coffee 3 in 1 coffee packets left, she has forgotten to take from home. Panic, she ask her colleagues for coffee, it doesnt matter what type of coffee,she's just desperate for a dose of caffeine to keep her on her toes for a day's work. To her rescue, Greg threw to her from the opposite cubicle,a 2 in 1 Hai Peng coffee and said, "You will love this". After making her coffee, just a sip and she sighed a relief and exclaimed "Mmm...it is to die for"

If i were to put a counter just for coffee lover visitors,i cannot imagine how many there will be.
I'm not a coffee addict needing it daily but i do love a cup of aromatic brew of quality coffee beans once in a while. And recently i came across Hai Peng coffee, hailing from a town called Kemaman, Terenganu. Imagine this coffee house or locally known as kopitiam was established in 1940. Alot of locals and tourist thronging the place everyday. The kaya is so yummy, you'll be tempted to buy a dozen back to share with your chums.

You want to know more? Click right here Gourmetsharing - Hai Peng Coffee

That's the lady boss right there!Reminds me a little of Phua Chu Kang's wife.

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