Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Faithful Ones

"Look at their little paws! "Aren't puppies so similar to babies..? You don't need to answer that. "Look at their little fingers!" Paws, fingers mmmmmm....
I don't think we will go goo goo ga ga over their paws but their adorable, lovable face, how could we ever resist. Dogs are a great companion and they are so estatic when they see their owners coming through the door. They give their best greeting. Wouldn't you love to have a dog greeting you at every shop you go to? Now that's abit too extreme. Yet it will light up a sour face. Dog haters not included.
If i have a big farm and lots of dough(slang word for money, i would love to have a siberian husky, daschund, mini schnauzer,german shepherd, dalmation, the list goes on and on and i don't care if they can get along or not.I just love 'em all.
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