Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Hosting Malaysia

I am so grateful for my readers for without them, I wouldn't have expanded to two additional blogs. Little did I knew that I would have lasted this long as it started with an interest to practice writing. I love English and I thank my Diana Kor Kor who inspired me to read from a young age of 6. I have wrestled with the idea of having my own domain for quite awhile now. Somehow my prayers are heard and thanks to Jamie who introduced this Budding Blogger Programme, I might have a start in the journey of having my own space. Though I am a piano teacher by profession but I graduated with an IT degree so venturing into the world of Internet makes me feel connected to what I studied before.

It is such a generous gesture from Green Hosting Malaysia to initiate such a programme to guide bloggers like me to have a blogging career(if everything turns out as planned). And to think that my birthday is coming soon, this is a great gift to receive. It will have me smiling from ear to ear, drools not included ya, haha! Hey, who doesn't like a present that is worth RM450.

Green Hosting specializes in Web Hosting, Web Design, Email Hosting and VPS Hosting, moreover with a 'green' concept in mind, their prices are reasonable. Check out more on their free Web Design and they offer Web Hosting packages from as low as RM350.

If you like what you hear, hop on to Budding Blogger Programme at Facebook or Green Hosting Malaysia for more information. See you in the blogosphere!


Big Gree said...

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Josi Bunder said...

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