Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Side of Chelsia Ng

My Side of Chelsia Ng.

Chelsia Ng ~ a singer, songwriter, actress, a friend most of all to many and a daugther who made her parents so proud.  I’m happy and proud to say she is still the same ol' Chelsia I have known since school days.  Her strong attachment to her family is what made her strong in her roots and values.  The love and support she’s gotten and not to mentioned from her late grandfather, I believe made a foundational impact on her life thus keeping her feet on the ground while flying in her dreams.

A lively, energetic, bubbly Chelsia from the island of Penang started her journey at a young age of 14. She is definitely a livewire and you can’t be around her without being surrounded by an energy of positivity.  In school days,  I have seen her handle situations that affected her and although she had lack of self confidence and insecurity, she goes through it all and conquered it. No further details here. As she said, she is a very emotional person, no doubt at all but you will love her for that. Some thing that I admired her for. One who is expressive and speaks from her heart and mind and I believe that is what you will hear from her new album ‘Here With You’.

My favourite tune would be I’m Sorry of  all that she has ever written so far, which I have heard it earlier when it first came out as her first single. The tune is what attracted me and Its like you can even speak from the song. For this current album, I exceptionally like Pick Up Your Phone and Here With You. She has a unique voice that resonates well with these songs. She described her songs as eclectic, pop yet quirky. She reminds me of singers like Macy Gray, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Indie Arie and etc who has their unique way of conveying their songs.

From her days as a finalist in Asia Bagus till now, this young Penang lady has grown  to prove to the world what she is made of. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in her career. I do not need to state her credentials, the internet has an array of her information. 

All I can say is, I’m proud of her achievements and the person she has become.  Kudos to her Mama and Papa Chels too for always supporting her in all that she does. From my view, their support is obviously what makes her stronger.

God Bless You, 'Ng Chelsia', go for it!
Now you get her songs easily on Itunes, just click here!
Read more about her debut album at FZ.Com and see pictures from her facebook: Chelsia
Chelsia's latest interview about her debut solo album:
Click here to watch at YouTube

Taken at Eurodeli, Gurney Plaza for the launch/promotion of Somersby.
And my first time meeting Jeremy Teo from RedFM. : )

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