Friday, December 6, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Nokia Lumia 520 is an entry level smartphone packed with features suited for a practical user. Looking sleek in its squarish form and fits nicely on my palm. My take of this phone is this is meant for users with slim fingers and who does not need massive apps but just the essentials.

This phone currently ranges from RM480 - RM520 depending on what accessories you add on like size of external memory, casing etc. I bought mine for RM480 with an 8GB memory card. If you like, it can expand until 64GB

It is preloaded with HERE maps and HERE Drive for navigation which you can use anywhere without wifi or data plan. That's the upside of it! You would need to download the offline map into the phone, whichever country you are visiting. This is what I like about it.

The OS is Windows 8 and it is just two page for you to toggle on. The screen is nice to swipe and scroll on. Pixels are fantastic for a price like this.

The camera is of 5mp and captures sufficiently clear especially in daylight. For the price paid, I would say it is worth the buy. There is Nokia MixRadio which allows you to download alot songs for offline listening.

For more information: Check out - Nokia Lumia 520

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