Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nelson Mandela Lesson from Boyd Varty

Once in a while I turn to my TedTalks App on my Samsung Note for some inspirational juice and I was browsing through the topics. Nelson Mandela, a prominent figure, a life changer has recently passed away.
I was curious to know if this man Boyd Varty is speaking from a face to face encounter with him or like the rest of us, who knows him by reading.

He did have a soft spot for Madiba because he has literally seen and spoken to him. I liked the way he spoke with his hands movement, it's like story telling. Spoken from the heart, I hope you will be encouraged by his experiences.

One of the quotes from Nelson Mandela that I like and feel the same. Having the courage to fight through the wrongs in this world and stand for what you believe in is in itself a victory over fear.

 It's knowing when to speak that depicts humility, when to stay silent that makes us meek.

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