Friday, April 13, 2012

Caipifruta & The Revelations

Caipifruta was mentioned once in my earlier post  in Together As One performance at Penang Pac. Recently I attended another excellent performance from them but to a bit of disappointment, there were just a light handful of songs presented by them. Later, after speaking with one of the members, I got to know that they were wanting to promote the Sri Lankan's group The Revelations. All's well because The Revelations were a handful of suprises, their renditions of the songs like Grandfather's clock, Imagine and as well as their their Sri Lankan songs were captivating as well as entertaining. The beatboxer blended so well with the rest of the singers.
Caipifruta is comprised of Tracy Wong (soprano), Lai Suk Yin (mezzo-soprano/alto), Aaron Teoh (tenor), and Joel Wong (baritone) and if I remember right, the name Caipifruta comes from a name of a drink. And having that kind of mix of drink comes the quartet with a blend of harmonious voices with a tinge of everything..jazz, pop and broadway. But with Caipifruta, expect the unexpected. I like their version of the song Hallelujah, excellent! By the way, I have a real liking for acapella, its just stripped down, music from our very own God given box, our voice. Glad to hear a professional group from Malaysia singing acapella.

Here we have the youngest guy in the group singing Imagine by the late John Lennon. He has a sweet gentle voice that suits the song.

The leader of the pack closing with a Finale.
Am glad I came.... have a look..!

This was sung that night as well...

Have a preview of The Revelations at the World Choir Games in Graz 2008.

We are not allowed to take videos, but all this are at youtube. A slightly different from what we heard at Penang Pac but its still great.

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