Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beyonce Knowles

This song definitely caught my attention- it is upbeat,a catchy tune along with a lady who can belt her high notes with power and sweetness. That is how I would describe Beyonce's vocals. I can't say I like all her dressing when it gets lesser and lesser, there is no flesh needed this way as the voice and beauty has made waves in many ways.
She like Whitney started out singing in choir in church and soon fame creeps in and popularity flares, Beyonce was in Destiny's Child but her gift took her further, she became a solo artiste. I only hope her life will not end like Whitney Houston.
Find out more at the link below:

This video gives a brief history of her stardom and the current news as we all know is her newborn baby Blue Ivy Carter making an appearance. Oh did you see she lifted her coat to show her baby bump in Love On Top video above? All about the song here at Love on Top Wiki


(mymoonlog) said...

very nice blog, Congrat

Sue said...

Thanks Moonlog! :)

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