Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Together As One @ Penang PAC

"Music is the universal language of mankind" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Truly it is and it does not matter what background one comes from but music is able to unite all as one in its own way.
My first stage show at Penang PAC which officially opened on a distinctive date 11.11.11 was an enjoyable one. I admire and enjoyed the Young KL Singer's voices from the start to the end. I may not be very comfortable with certain chants that comes with one of the song however I do enjoy all the song arrangements and harmonious voices throughout the night. The choreography was simple yet it adds sophistication to their performance making it interesting to watch. I could feel their zest and passion in their singing and their expressions, kudos to YKLS and Caprifruta Quartet. I heard from one of the singers that they practice this for a year for this performance.
You may have a preview of their night's performance through their practice as there were no video recording allowed on that night, this is the only youtube snippet of it. However, the experience of their voices can only be fully appreciated if one is there. Enjoy the pictures! Find out more on Penang Performing Arts Centre website.

Ushered by one of the members of Caipifruta
Caipifruta Vocal Quartet singing Halleluyeah
We Are One
from a different angle.

Glad to have met the music director in person, a Penangnite herself residing in KL. She founded YKLS and the KL Children's Choir and is currently a lecturer and choir director at the Malaysian Institute of Arts. She has many reputable achievements to her name which I am not able to list them all here. A pleasant and approachable lady as well, thanks Susanna for a wonderful performance.
One of the YKLS singer - Marisa Aisha.
with Dato' Faridah Merican
 Also known as the First Lady of Malaysian Theatre, she co-founded The Actors Studio with her husband Joe Merican. We had the privileged of bumping into her and it was nice of her to have a few exchanges with us before taking the photos.
If you are here in Penang, do come to Penang PAC at Straits Quay for a great performances.

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