Friday, October 28, 2011

A Need for Solitude

There are times we need to prime ourselves to solitude that we may find inspiration. My solitude includes music and prayer and though I may appear like I am lazing around but I am not. If we purpose our nothingness to create something, many times it is one of the best moment we have in the day.

Removing myself from an eventful day at least once a week can be refreshing although I need to sift out worry. Worrying about the wrong things leads to exhaustion of the mind and soon the physical.

Take a day off, request a time alone from your family or take a stroll down the beach where no one can disturb you. And not forgetting our smartphones and laptops. Which reminds me I am going get off my blog now. Good day!

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jamiey writes said...

good post! there are too many distractions these days :P

Sue said...

Yup, so much distractions, uncountable. And its not easy to discipline the mind to avoid certain things :P

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