Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sept 9th ~ The Star's Anniversary

This post is dedicated to The Star , the renown newspaper that has brought us mountains of news each day and thanks to its great writers, editors and designers and so forth, you guys have made The Star truly The Star for many Malaysians. My dad just received his Sept 9, 1971 edition, a memorable date to mark the beginnings of The Star and his birthday! My dad was excited to have it and he gives his many thanks for responding to our email.

I have just come to know that an old friend of mine from school is a journalist from The Star. Christina Chin, if you are reading this, my congrats to you! Recently I read she has just won an Excellence Award for her write-up ‘More Turtles Needed, Saving Turtles One Egg At A Time’
Taken from The Star Online

As I always say I'm proud of our very Malaysians' achievements and I am glad to say some are from CPT! Kudos!

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