Monday, August 1, 2011

Restless Banters

My legs have not been restless for 5 nights in a row like Herb, but my present state of mind is everywhere tonight. One of my task for the day is choreographing. Choreographing for a kids concert dance is suppose to be easy as 1, 2, 3 however in my case, what is not up to my expectation, i seek it out till I get what I want. That's the problem.

    Restlessness in mind caused me doing other unimportant things like sleep and playing guitar when I should finish tomorrow's lesson. Finally, I did get it done after being distracted by blogging this. If you think, how can this be possible, doing two things at once when one requires to be on the feet while the other requires fingers on the keyboard and probably a sitting position too. Well, I absolutely could not get myself on my feet therefore it was all planned in my mind and I multitask it with blogging. Clueless?

   It does not matter. Being distracted by blogging is pretty inspirational to the creative mind. I have not lost my mind, not to worry. Just a restless mind syndrome propelling me to banter on a topic that probably do not interest you. Oh yes, this is Herb!

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