Saturday, July 16, 2011

Betty Boop

So blessed I was given a Betty Boop lipstick gloss nice sweet colours. All thanks to JL who bought herself two beautiful handbags and gave her gift to me. How sweet! The salesladies and the manager are all very helpful and kind with words. Lots of bags to choose ranging from luggage, handphone pouches, purse, and handbags. Not to mention there are some apparels too. If you like to visit Betty Boop, we have one here at 1st Level, 1st Avenue Mall,Penang.
I remembered vaguely of Betty Boop cartoons during my childhood days and now its merchandises popularity are the ones who gave me a flashback. Betty Boop is regarded as one of the first and famous sex symbols on animated screen. This is according to Wikipedia- Betty Boop and imagine her first appearance was in 1932. Were my parents born yet? (thinking...)I would not be surprised if she appeared in a war cartoon episode with the soldiers at the lounge singing, as you know, World Wars at hand!

Anyway, here is my gift!
The box and the mirror lipstick gloss

Ta da!

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