Monday, August 8, 2011

How illogical can you get? or just unethical!

Recently I just went for my manicure and pedicure that I've purchased through one of the 'cheap' deals online. It was worth it but it doesn't feel so now after the ordeal. It is so ironic that people can argue with you over what is written in black and white. Now, I am tempted to name the place and the deal but I felt it was unwise for me do so ( grrrr....) for whatever reasons I tell myself not to. Ethics is one thing and logic is another,you decide which of it applies.

* The deal is dated from 10 June - 10 August, I have basically two months.
* Appointments necessary. Please call...... at least one day in advance.
*Redeemable on weekdays only. Not redeemable on weekends and Public Holidays.
* Operation hours from 11:00am - 8:00pm. Closed on Mondays.
* No replacement or extension is given to expired vouchers.

My friend called up on 6th August to get an appointment for me during one of the weekdays but because they are full in all their schedule (that's what they said) and can't fit me in any of the time given, they said they cannot do anything about it. Naturally we would ask for an extension because obviously they cannot fit me in their schedule but lo and behold, they said they cannot do that. They came up with umpteenth reasons why they can't and why couldn't I booked earlier.

My goodness! After a back and forth debate, a Sunday slot is booked. Maybe I should not have given in after all it was totally out of my convenience but I did anyway. So i went, allowed her to do her thing and then I gave her a proper piece of my mind.  Well she blamed it on her boss and probably could not comprehend the guidelines the boss had given on the online deal.

I told her (in shorter words) my voucher has not expired, your shop just could not accommodate me. That ain't my problem, but yours. She said why not come earlier? I said I couldn't but my voucher has not expired! You even state on the deal, that at least one day in advance. I called 4 days in advanced! Duh!

And she had the cheek to tell me if I called earlier, then weekends can be arranged. I laughed and said but your voucher said no weekends, no public holidays and Monday closed. I just basically followed the rules.
(And this illogical response is what I get?)

Well it was not a fruitful conversation though it all ended with pretty good service and polite manners. But I will never go back there, good deal or no deal!

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