Monday, May 16, 2011

PS22 Chorus

Just love listening to choirs sounding beautifully something like this children choir and from the looks of their website, obviously they have made a name for themselve with celebrities like Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey and etcetra.

I remembered the choir in high school and how this Sister Getrude was teaching us how to sing and literally putting her two finger in our mouth to make sure we open our mouth wide enough. Sure had a lot of good laughs then.

I enjoyed singing in parts and I have always been alto in any choir performance so far. The acoustic of the hall makes a difference to voices. How it vibrates and resonates with the acoustics . Many years ago, my friends and I joined a group organized by our seniors in school including some of their church friends and we went carolling in different hotels and all we had is one or two guitarist and probably less than 20 of us. Some of the places we went had such nice acoustics, we could even hear ourselve sing and it was great, everyone sang their parts(bass, soprano, tenor, alto) very well. Too bad we didn't do any video recording to keep for memories.

Now, listen to PS22 Chorus sing " Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette famous in the early 90s.

Or visit them at their website to know more at


baili said...

hi you have beautiful place
i really enjoyed reading you god bless

Sue said...

Hi baili,
I'm glad you enjoyed reading, thx for the encouragement.
God bless u too.

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