Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember The Time

The sand in the hourglass appears to move faster than usual, time is of the essence. It seems just yesterday I flipped over the November calendar and now its December, soon its year 2010! WoW! There's so much to do but do we get to do it all? Being organized is so crucial in order to savour the time to spend for pleasure.
What is your New Year's resolution 2010?

This post title has nothing to do with MJ's song though I liked it and have performed with that song but remembering the time is about embracing the histories made by us and propelling us from the experience of the past to the achievements of our present and future. I suppose I am dwelling a bit too deep here. That is the problem with thinkers like me, think, think, think.
Ok enough thinking, going to bed now to dream, at least my brain gets to rest. I think?! *chuckled* :)

1 comment :

kenwooi said...

my 2010 resolution?
hmm.. i usual dont do that on new years.. haha.. =P

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