Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog Featured

I received an email saying my blog has been featured in this website I was rather surprised that my entry on dog related issues were stumbled upon and gained me that spot to be featured. "Cool!" I exclaimed because it brought more traffics to my blog. My first time being featured anywhere anyway, so not bad at all.

I love dogs so I gotta introduce you Dog Health Problems that will educate many dog keepers how to care for your dog like its your own child. It is not always an easy task to understand an animal's pain when they are sick. When they whimper in discomfort, grit their teeth in pain "How do we tell what is wrong?", "What signs do we look for?", "What medication can we give?", click here for more information
Read the blog post I did in April 2009 titled "Dog Lovers" , to share my love for dogs.


Joanne Chan said...

Well done :)

btw, i couldn't see any chatbox in your blog. Just want to say ..thanks for visiting mine :) Have a great day!

: ) said...

Thanks Joanne,

Ya don't have a chatbox. Can leave comments anytime.

Your contest blog is interesting, keep it up.


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