Monday, March 11, 2013

Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron

It all started with a loving couple, the husband standing behind the wife who is seated. Both staring at a mannequin of a little girl. Then it began, a series of unexpected, interesting, intriguing portrayals of a devastated wife and a man needing for love.

Where is Ruby their daughter? Abducted, never found leaving the parents wondering, worked up an insanity between them not knowing what actually happened. Losing a love one and especially not knowing what happened  could drive anyone out of reality into their own formed reality. The play depicts one kind and throughout the one and half hour, ludicrous, puzzling, curious yet entertaining pursues the heart of the viewers  making all sit tight and wait for the finale.

Is Ruby Moon real?

That leaves us to ponder and create our own reality on it.

Kudos to Davina Goh and Alex Chua who immersed themselves into the role and giving the audience worth their every cent.

Just a caution that this is not advisable for those under 18 years old. :) 

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