Saturday, April 27, 2013

Queenstown, South New Zealand

Experiencing Queenstown was one of my best travel ever in my whole entire life. As I came for beautiful scenic views and an atmosphere of living in a country far away, I got what I came for. I usually like to travel free and easy as I get a chance to have a little glimpse of living like the locals do.

Travelling as a backpacker, roughing it out with the group is great as it is not as bad as camping outdoors.  So here it is where we stayed, right in the town of Queenstown. Wonderful view as we walked around the town where you can see bright skies, sparkling sand at the beach, mountains that seem so near you feel you could swim to it.
Morning, Lake Wakatipu!
Sun Down
After taking the gondola (cable car line) up to Skyline, this is one of the view you can see, I zoomed it up though. We took a ride of the luge and as you can see in the second picture . We have to ride up the line with our luge up to another higher area so that we can ride our luge down a track. I didn't buy any pictures that was selling then, so these are some of the pictures I did get to take.

Milford Sounds was the next destination we took. A bus cruise with multiple stops before reaching Milford was abit of a rough ride. I suppose it depends who the driver is. Nevertheless, I was comforted with crisp, light cool air, fanstatic sceneries, and also fresh spring water we took from the river with our water bottles. Tasted much better than the mineral water we had.

Mirror Lake
When we reached Milford Sounds, we got on to the boat cruise, certain parts reminds me of Guilin, China with its mountain views.  Ahh..the waterfall was magnificient.

 Read more at Wikipedia about Milford Sounds
I am not a bungee jump fan just simply because the thought of my heart stop mid way isn't so memorable so I went to another exhilarating adventure with Shotover Jet. They spin the speedboat around 360degrees, if not cruising in high speed. All of us cheering, water splashing in, now that I enjoyed. The view was great too, just too bad we were not allowed to carry our cameras along. I found videos on Shotover Jet, so have a preview below.

My pictures are all jumbled up so this is it for the moment. Wait up for more.....soon. : )

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