Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Life's Gain

Life is beautiful but its fragility is real, 
Only God knows our beginnings and ends,
 And every breath is stamped with His love seal, 
How long do we have, it depends..

 Have no fear, cos heaven is near, 
No more tears, no more pain, 
Live on with cheer, 
Filled with sweet memories, our life's gain.
 ~grace khoo~

Death of a person can be so surreal to the one closest to the deceased.  And when reality dawns on them,  tears can't stop rolling,  the longing for the person literally hurts. When I came to know that a good friend of mine whose husband passed, I can't but help think what she must have gone through during those few critical days and what she will be going through after that. Through all these passing ponders, words just above. 

And I pray for God's love to embrace Su , to strengthen her as she continues her journey of life. That His love and grace will carry her through depressing moments yet her spirit will be lifted up. I pray for God's peace that surpasses all understanding to touch her in a real and tangible way. Our life's gain are sweet memories that we create and enjoy in all our years on earth. Thank You Lord for always being there!  

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