Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Same Route Different Experience

A morning stroll at Air Itam Dam, like a usual once a while routine yet this day seems different. Probably it was a day after a rainy day, the leaves scattered along the routes, but we met a very kind fellow, Doggie. He followed us through the whole trail of the dam. We called out to him when we lost sight of him like he was one of ours. Sweet thing is, he responds, he waits, he obediently followed when he went up another trail and we asked him not to. We each wish that one of us could take him home or that he will be well in this place.A perfect gentlemen.

Doggie waiting as we went to the loo.
Somewhere in the middle of the dam hangs a wedding invitation by a black bra. Felt a bit eerie for a moment then laugh we go. It was not there a week ago.
Saying our goodbyes, if you see him, call him Doggie and be kind to him.
Later after breakfast I was guided to Kek Lok Si 'market', going up many steps. I have no recollection of going up to see the turtles, I wonder if I did when I was small. Tourist came to take pictures, buy vegetables to feed them.

Aren't they something?

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