Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cocoa Cappucino & Adjustment Bureau

Working for yourself has its sweet benefits like having the newest Cocoa Cappucino in Starbucks at 12.30pm while doing work on the lappie. Sometimes you just got to get out of the house to make yourself work. It was indeed work getting done. And the coffee was great! "Do you want a double dose?", he asked, at the end I said "Sure".See it right here at Starbucks Malaysia

Here I was at Starbucks, Borders and while waiting for some files to upload, i saunter to the nearest magazine stand to grab a mag.
Browsing on the good fashion and the what-nots.

Later on, Wednesday Movie Day at GSC and the selection was Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. More than worth my RM6.
A thought provoking movie, shocked me twice with unexpected accidents in the movie. Love truly stands above everything and when you find your true love, nothing stands in the way. Thats the portrayal well played by Matt Damon( David Norris ) and his soulmate Emily Blunt(Elise) never felt fulfilled till their love reunion which sealed their future forever. Will they really get to be together for real? They can't see the future, they can't see the bigger picture, all they have is their will to fight for their future. "What happen's next?" is what you might ask yourself after every 10 minutes? You judge for yourself, i shall say nothing more to spoil the thrill. Some might like the movie, some might not but I do!


jamiey writes said...

sounds interesting, the adjustment bureau is next on our movie list! :D

Sue said...

hope you will enjoy your movie then.

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