Monday, March 12, 2012

A Musical Splendour

What brought me to Wawasan Open University was not to enroll for Masters neither taking another degree but to enjoy an evening of fresh air filled with an atmosphere of music. The air after the rain is cooling to my skin making my night comfortable with little perspiration. We reached there early so we stroll around and took some pictures. They were slightly delayed because of the rain earlier. No worries, everything went well, love the fact that it was not the usual Penang heat but just breezy.
The statue of the late Towkay Yeap Chor Ee
The setup of the stage
Soundcheck and getting ready to rumble
Penang Philharmonic presents Cinematic Greats and Jazz Works conducted by Woon Wen Kin. They delivered an excellent display of talent and professionalism. Songs from famous Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alan Moss and our very own P.Ramlee. Wife of Woon Wen Kin, Serene Yoon(soprano) beautifully serenaded a few numbers "Memory from Cat", Shanghai Beach and Song of Yang Tze River. Another local artist Andy Siti gave an astounding performance singing "Getaran Jiwa" by P.Ramlee, "The Moon Represents My Heart" and an inspiring song "I Dreamed A Dream" by Claude Michael Schonberg.

Quoting from WOU website "More than 100 musicians and singers from the PPO as well as PPO’s Junior Orchestra and Wind Orchestra serenaded the audience with selections from West Side Story, The King and I, The Sound of Music, Titanic and The Phantom of the Opera, among others. The orchestras and chorus were conducted by PPO music director Woon Wen Kin and chorus master Martin Rutherford."
Andy Siti
Serene Yoon
Emcee of the Night and the Mandarin interpreter

The night ended with animated blast of the fireworks as it filled the skies announcing the end of the programme.

If you would like to know more about WOU and its courses, hop on to
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Nath said...

love the stage setting and the fire works :D

Sue said...

I didn't expect the fireworks that night but it was a beautiful closure. And the music was well arranged. Kudos to them.
Thanks for visiting, Nath:-)

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