Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday Needn't Be Blue

Carpe Diem is a famous saying that means seize the day. It is hard on a Monday morning after an eventful weekend just to face your boss or some mundane tasks. Some of us have better jobs,some of us don't and some gets a lot of money, some don't. Just remember to remember the people that loves you and things that makes you happy,be thankful that God has given you a life to live,and if you look closely there is plenty to be grateful for. If you can even love the unloved, go ahead and omit the second and third line of the quotes above, 'cos you have lots of love to give and you will win them over. Love covers all faults , love is the greatest of all.
                                            Laughter is the best medicine, so laugh!
                                            Movie does help sometimes,watch comedy!
                                            Music lifts the soul, listen to happy songs!
                                            Remember Mmmbop by the 3 long haired kids, watch em!
 (if you can't get what the Hanson's are singing, don't get vexed, just click here for their lyrics! :) )


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