Friday, December 9, 2011

Gurney Plaza & Christmas

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is coming to town, almost all retail outlets are decorated with Christmas trees and ornaments, stereo playing Christmas carols, shopping malls filled with Christmas events and that is a glimpse of Christmas drawing near. As you can see, I have the word ‘Christmas’ written 5 times within a sentence. And that’s exactly what we hear, see and feel during this season.
Gurney Plaza has a large crystal ball right outside facing the sea. Within it are the reindeers out of reach. Inside the mall you see snowflakes hanging all over and a stage transformed into a house covered with snow and Santa Claus hovering over the chimney top.

Families, young and old buzzing shopping for Christmas gifts and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere. In Malaysia, half the month of November and whole of December is a school holiday for the school goers, a time to enjoy and relax, regaining new strength for the new year. What do you expect in 2012?
Took this for fun at Level 3, just realised that my notebook has a colour of my name ~ Grace Silver. I would have picked Luxe White Pearl but I didn't have a choice then. Now I know why ! :)
Head on to to know more of its events and activities in stored just for you.

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