Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stop Sexual Crimes Against Children

What do we know about the laws that guard the victims of sexual abuse? What is sexual abuse? Recently we had a talk at my church EPCC and the title is Stop Sexual Crimes Against Children conducted by Rosalind Yagambaram, a representative from WCC (Women's Centre for Change). It was to create awareness among us to help prevent more cases of sexual abuse. It is never easy to catch perpetrators of sexual abuse but at least we can help prevent it from happening to an innocent child. Rosalind gave a very comprehensive talk on how to identify the perpetrators, signs and symptoms from a sexual abuse child, what are the laws that protects a child and many more.

The early birds ...
Rosalind Yagambaram - a friend and the speaker of the day!
Books and flyers 

If you are interested to have conducted talks like this at your school, organizations or clubs, please click on the WCC link to get more information or leave a comment and I will redirect you to the organizers.
Parents must not take this lightly and be aware of who is handling your child as best as you can. Being molested as a child, there may be consequences to face, more fears to overcome, emotional instability, insecurities and feelings of low self esteem. What can we do? Spread the word, take precautions and let's hope the perpetrators get caught or choose to own up to get some help.

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