Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chelsia Ng

Many of you know her through television, magazines, newspaper, but her upcoming appearances is going to show you another side of her. Some of you have heard her voice in 'Kopitiam', 'Ghost' and in Asia Bagus years ago,and now a beautiful singer has emerged with very own single 'Not A Lie' Why another side of her? Plainly because she has written her first single and sharing it with the world.

I am proud of her growth and successes and know I will see alot more accomplishments from her. I'm glad to say I've known her as a good friend and through the years in school, I knew one day she would get 'there'. Without further delay, get to know her a bit more and find out what's next with Chelsia Ng.

An exclusive interview onYes World!. Don't miss it!

Exclusive interview: Chelsia Ng from Yes World on Vimeo.

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