Friday, May 6, 2011

My Hoodie

Hoodie is definitely a must in my wardrobe and recently I was given one for an early birthday present. UNIQLO hoodie cuts and UV feature attracted me the moment I laid eyes on it in the newspaper. I picked up my cellphone so fast to get my sister to buy for me in Kuala Lumpur since Penang does not have. In the end it became a gift for me. Thanks cei :)  This is my hoodie!!
The unique feature about its fabric provides you with its high quality premium cotton - Supima cotton. Firstly it is so comfortable, you could sleep being wrapped in that cotton fabric. It also infiltrate the sun UV's ray, 90% protection but it does not replace the use of sunblock or sunscreen. I read this was a proven test method by the Japan Chemical Fibers Association.

Supima is an abbreviation for Superior Pima , a 100% American Pina cotton. If you would like to know the technicality and strip down to exactly what it is all about, please click here WHAT IS SUPIMA?

Uniqlo hoodie is not only great to have, you feel good being in it. An everyday casual wear that you can never be bored of and a great help during summertime or sunny days where Malaysia is concern. I cannot advertise enough for this particular brand hoodie and just for your information, I am not paid to say all this either. First hand experience evokes the production of this blog post. Needless to say more....


jamie writes said...

nice! how much it it?

Sue said...

It's RM49.90 on promotion, Jamie

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