Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Piano Exams On The Way

 It is that time of the year again where my students and many other students are having their piano exams.Along comes the butterflies in the stomach and jitters prior to it. All have practice more or less throughout the year  and the duration of the exam takes less than half hour including the wait. As for the lower grades, it is even shorter. Nevertheless, the achievement is what matters, knowing you have the ability to play at your current level.

I can only pray that my students' jitters do not get to them and that they play their best to their ability. My expectation is for them to play their best and nothing less. The exam room seems scary like walking into a doctor's room but be at ease that the examiners are normally compassionate and there will be no sign of negativity in the room. No sighs, no grunts, it is either an encouragement or a respected silence.

I remembered how I went through as a student and the higher the grade the more nervous it was for me. Knowing that I have a mild problem with my fingers getting stiff easily when its cold, I try to wear warmer garments and i wake up early in the morning so that I don't feel rushed. Can you imagine your fingers stiffen as you play those runs and frills. But by God's grace I manage to pull through each time, no matter how many times my fingers stiffens.

We just got to do our best in practicing our hardest and let God handle the rest. So i wish all of you who are taking your piano practical exams the best in all you do. Practice everyday as much as you can with considerably ample rest. Consistency is the key to success and even if you are tight on schedule on some days, a few minutes doing the scales and technical plays will keep your fingers in good condition. Just as runners have to train each day to build up muscles and stamina, so do we as pianist and learners of music.

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