Thursday, April 21, 2011

Join the Great ChurpChurp Race

here is the F1 Race, and there will the THE GREAT ChurpChurp Race! So great farm crops and poker chips might just have to wait.

Be on the edge and swerve your way through to be one of the racer without having to be in a hot racing suit put into a small compartment for 2 hours.

This is going to be, wait for it... LEGENDARY

Join the Great ChurpChurp Race

Join The race

iPad 2, Blackberry Bold 3, iPod touch and movie passes

Collect the most kms amongst your fellow Churpers in The Great ChurpChurp Race by inviting your friends and sharing the campaigns. The Top 3 Churpers with the highest kms win awesome prizes, and the next 100 churpers win a pair of TGV movie passes at the end of the race!

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