Monday, April 25, 2011


What is this?

When I first saw it at Senheng, my gadget-love radar starts tingling, you know what I'm saying? And its been months since I've thought about it until the radar emerges, oh no!!!
Anyway, drama aside, the Jawbone is fantastic based on the features and the reviews I've read. WATCH THIS!

This is what Jawbone is quoted from Jawbone Website
Jawbone ERA™ is the only Bluetooth® headset equipped with military-grade NoiseAssasin® 3.0, the latest version of Jawbone's industry-first noise and wind canceling technology. Originally developed for use by tank commanders and helicopter pilots, NoiseAssassin 3.0 eliminates background noise better than any other headset. It also auto-adjusts inbound call volume and intelligibility to your environment. Whether you're at a noisy ball game or on the road, you'll always hear and be heard.

In one of the reviews I read, they said "The Jawbone Noise Shield categorically offers the best voice quality and noise reduction of any of the many dozens of wireless headsets that I have had the opportunity to test to date.  It also happens to have been designed by the renowned Yves Behar who created its distinctive perforated shield and body."

Looks like it is definitely on my Wanted List, no doubt about it but I've yet to go through my 'budget' department. It is also eco-friendly 100% recyclable. It's super sleek look is one of the things I admire and one of the other highlight is every Jawbone ERA comes with eight earbuds and an optional binaural earloop, ensuring the perfect fit in either ear, no matter what your size.
You want one?

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